Extra coordinated

While the title of this post says "Extra Coordinated," I can assure you that I mean my outfit and that's it. I'm pretty clumsy otherwise. Even my special cutie guest, Chip, can tell you this. It's quite a wonder how I'm able to wear heels and not fall flat on my face. (Oh, but it has happened. ONCE. In Brooklyn.)


Isn't Chip the cutest? He wasn't supposed to be in the photos but as we were snapping away, he ran right up to the steps. Prior to this, he was barking at the evil hose which explains why he looks a little damp. He's a damp dapper little fellow.

I'm happy to finally post these up to share. Actually, I'm just happy to be blogging away. Lately it's been a great escape for me when I want to hone in on something and procrastinate. I've got a lot on my plate but I'm counting down the days until Friday. Anyone else looking forward to the weekend? FREEDOM! xx

Top// Nordstrom, Savvy Trends
Bottom// Nordstrom, Savvy Trends
Bag// Forever 21 (Similar)
Accessories// Nordstrom
Lipstick// Revlon, Berry Haute


  1. always sucha cutie!! <3 lovee your hair, I now wish my hair was long enough to do milkbraids too, one day ! ;) p.s. imy! can't wait for our hangout soon.

  2. dogs are terrific cameos!

  3. Ooww, I really love your bag and your shoes. Love it!


  4. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. To find out what you have to do simply visit my blog. Everything you need to know is on there! My blog is http://tommyeturner.blogspot.co.uk/ If you have already been nominated then I apologize. :)


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