It's scarf season!

Madewell, Scarf Blanket
Madewell, Scarf Blanket
Last month I couldn't believe it was October and now I can't believe it's November. I'm already missing those late summer nights full of laughter and no worries. Don't get me wrong-I like Autumn too. There's just something about a new season that gets me a little bit anxious, especially around this time of the year. I think it has to do with school being back in session, winter holidays coming up and pretty much the new year rolling in. 2015...I don't even want to think about it right now.

It's finally starting to cool down in the Golden State and while it's nothing like having real seasons, it's enough to bring out the sweaters and scarves. I like this trend of using scarves as a throw blanket since I'm always wrapped up in a blanket at home anyway. It keeps me warm and gives a new look with ease.

I may as well share that I'm guilty of purchasing one of these scarves. Can you guess which one? I can't get enough of the monogrammed Burberry one but I also don't have $1400 bucks to drop. I ordered the Madewell Gridflip scarf and can't wait for its arrival. I'm positive I'll be getting good use out of it this season. 

Here's to a productive November. Ready, set, go!
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