It's scarf season!

Madewell, Scarf Blanket
Madewell, Scarf Blanket
Last month I couldn't believe it was October and now I can't believe it's November. I'm already missing those late summer nights full of laughter and no worries. Don't get me wrong-I like Autumn too. There's just something about a new season that gets me a little bit anxious, especially around this time of the year. I think it has to do with school being back in session, winter holidays coming up and pretty much the new year rolling in. 2015...I don't even want to think about it right now.

It's finally starting to cool down in the Golden State and while it's nothing like having real seasons, it's enough to bring out the sweaters and scarves. I like this trend of using scarves as a throw blanket since I'm always wrapped up in a blanket at home anyway. It keeps me warm and gives a new look with ease.

I may as well share that I'm guilty of purchasing one of these scarves. Can you guess which one? I can't get enough of the monogrammed Burberry one but I also don't have $1400 bucks to drop. I ordered the Madewell Gridflip scarf and can't wait for its arrival. I'm positive I'll be getting good use out of it this season. 

Here's to a productive November. Ready, set, go!

With love

It's raining and I'm mostly waiting for it to be pouring. While I do miss the sunshine and happiness it brings, California needs the rain. I always find it coincidental that when it rains, it reflects exactly how I'm feeling at the moment. There are difficult things on my mind that I'm trying to process. Lately I feel like I've just been rolling with the punches but there are always the ups and downs. Such is the life of a mid twenty something year old.

I'm incredibly grateful for all the solid people in my life.

So my good friends, thank you.

A happy September

 photo travel-quotes-7_zpsf6a90401.jpg

Isn't it scary how fast time flies? Last I checked, it was still the beginning of September. You'll have to forgive me for not being able to post as much as I would have liked to. After Malibu, I ended up flying to Chicago and New York...without my laptop. I know. I mean, how could I have done such an awful thing? I felt pretty naked without it but honestly, I didn't want to lug the thing around. 

It's only 9:20 PM and I'm exhausted already! The three hour time difference is taking its toll. I'm going to pass out so I can wake up early and work on my blog posts. There's so much to write about!

Good night, loves.

Sweet sun-date

 photo wide-half_zpsa07725bd.jpg
 photo wide-full-nojacket_zps90dc0b1d.jpg
 photo wide-full-outfit_zpsd8f9a815.jpg
 photo wide-shoes_zps326967fd.jpg
Wearing: Diesel jacket (similar), Savvy Trends top (similar), Target x Rodarte collaboration skirt, Zara heels (similar)

I've been spending a lot of my time with my baby cousin Kayle. I haven't seen her in a few months and now she's almost taller than me. Well, she's not really a baby. She's more of a pre-teen now. I can't wrap my mind around her growing up so fast.  I kept in touch with her while I was traveling throughout Europe and she loved all my macaron photos.

Me: "Have you tried a macaron before?"

Kayle: "Only the ones from Trader Joe's that my mom buys."

After that conversation, I knew I had to take her to Bouchon Bakery in Yountville. It would be a new experience for the both of us since I've never been to there either. We both had a lovely time outdoors, enjoying our delicious macarons. Kayle took her first bite and sighed in bliss. She said the line is absolutely worth the wait.

As a fellow macaron lover, I had to do my duty and show her the way. Now she's anxiously waiting for another pastry weekend adventure. Smart kid.

In a few hours, I'll be on my way to Malibu. I finally decided on a dress and can't wait to show you. Now if only I had a magical fairy to help me pack my bag...

In the meantime, stay updated on my Instagram

I got into the routine of blogging. It feels so weird missing a few days.

No more waiting

In need of a new jam to get you going? Listen and repeat.


Casual weekend wear

Wearing: Madewell// tank top, boyfriend jeans, leather tote, zip pouch, leopard flats

Lately I find myself gravitating towards a more simple style. It makes putting outfits together quicker and I get more wear out of it. Madewell is the perfect example of effortless and cool. They carry pieces that are worth investing in. For those of us on a budget, the best time to shop there is when they have an additional 40% sale. I've been able to snag t-shirts for less than $10.

I created this Polyvore set because 1. I'm addicted to looking at the collages and 2. this is my current weekend outfit on repeat. Tank, denim, flats and a tote to carry to toss my life in. The pouch is for the little things that seem to get lost. Chapstick, keys, bobby know what I'm talking about. The look is easy to change up with a few accessories or even a bright lipstick for that pop of color.

With that said, I'm going to enjoy the summer sun and Grace: A Memoir.

Happy weekend! 

Berliner dom

 photo jumpshot_zpscd6e0d3e.jpg
 photo berlinerdom-top_zps27ba5270.jpg
 photo tonh-1_zpsda79afee.jpg
 photo berlinerdom-side_zps1f0d6eea.jpg
 photo half-wide-fixed_zps025bec41.jpg
Wearing: c/o Charlotte Russe top (similar), c/o Charlotte Russe skirt (similar), Topshop sandals

I wish I had taken more photos in Miami but I was having way too much fun catching up with friends. I made it a point to not do touristy things while I was there. Liane dropped me off at the airport before heading to work.  I always find myself involved in funny situations with airport security. (And by funny, I mean I'm panicking at the time and then my friends laugh at me later.)

Exhibit A: When I was stopped at Hong Kong International airport because they found a mini knife in my bag. I had chills when security said, "You are carrying a small knife." After freaking out and having security go through my luggage, it turns out said knife was a travel size nail file. Face palm.

Exhibit B: Arriving at Bankok, Thailand, I had no clue where I was staying because my aunt had booked the hotel through a travel agency. Everyone else got to go through customs except me. I stood off to the side for who knows how long until security decided it was okay.

I forgot about those moments until something happened this time around while heading to Berlin. First, I wasn't able to board the plane because I forgot to sign my passport. I don't even know what to say to that. I signed and went on my merry way. I located my seat which was next to a rather nice gentleman, who talked about all the cool things I should do in Germany. He mentioned he flew a lot for his work and I asked him what his occupation is. 

Homeland security.

Go figure.

Thank you Charlotte Russe for the outfits! 

The big day

the big day

Wearing: Nasty Gal pink tube dress, Topshop palm romper, orange chiffon dressTopshop pink lace dress, & Nasty Gal daisy yellow dress

Kidding! It's not my big day but a good friend's big day. I made this Polyvore set because I still haven't figured out what I want to wear. I've been searching high and low for dresses and from the set, you can see that I'm all over the place. I want something pink but then something floral catches my eye. Another few tabs later, I'm like, "Oh wait, what about a romper?" I obviously have no idea what I'm wearing yet.

I'll be heading to Malibu next week and I can barely contain my excitement. I love weddings. There's something magical about being in a place where two people are pledging their love to one another in front of family and close friends. I missed out on the lovely Parisian bridal shower because I was in Europe. But! I've been fortunate enough to help out here and there. I can't wait to see the venue and how everything is put together. No worries, I'll be snapping plenty of photos when given the chance.

Congratulations, my friend. Wishing you all the best! 

The one that got away

 photo 42F05FWHT_2_large_zps6b8e0797.jpg
Sorry for all the going back and forth with traveling posts. I can't help it-there are just so many things going on in my mind that I want to write about. For instance, these Topshop oxfords

When I was in London, Tonh was on this endless summer search for Birkenstocks. We went into Topshop on Oxford Street to check it out. While she was shopping for potential sandals, I came across the above said shoes. 

White. Oxfords. Perforated. Gold tipped. 

What's not to love? I immediately went into shoe hunting mode and searched for my size. When I discovered there was none, I asked the sales associate who became the bearer of sad sad news. 

I haven't thought about the shoes since that day. Then I received an e-mail and saw they were on sale. It was meant to be! My insides were jumping for joy until I realized there are only two sizes left...neither being my size.

Now it's 1:40 AM and I'm sighing wistfully over these pretty shoes that got away.

First time

 photo PacificaPier_zps06db6df5.jpg
 photo FullLong-2_zpsb3269f78.jpg
 photo HalfTurn_zps4d4923cc.jpg
 photo Forever21Rings-2_zpsa8ed32a1.jpg
 photo WideHalf_zpsee20db1c.jpg
 photo HalfSitting_zps78127f36.jpg
 photo FullLongSmiling_zps90c3ac75.jpg
Wearing: YesStyle dress, GAP jacket, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, Forever 21 rings

Before heading to Berlin, I decided I'd make a stop at Miami to see my friend Liane. We've known each other since we were old enough to sign up for an e-mail account during the 56k dial-up days. So yes, we met on the Internet on a Sailormoon forum board and I'm pretty much going to leave it at that. The last time I visited her (two years ago?), she took me snorkeling at Key Largo. It was my first time and I just fell in love with the warm Atlantic ocean.

She asked me how I felt about kayaking this time around and again, it'd be my first time trying something new in the water. I was kind of nervous about it because I kept thinking of whitewater rafting and flying off. I know, I know. The two are completely different but still! The night before, I went on Youtube to watch videos of how to get into a kayak.


When we got there, it turned out to be much less terrifying than I had anticipated and incredibly fun. I enjoyed the breathtaking scenery and good company. Plus it was a great arm work out. I didn't want our precious few hours to end.

The day was perfect. 
*I only took one photo of kayaking and you can find it on my Instagram. These photos were taken before my trip but I still wanted to share them.

Anything and everything

 photo afriend_zps6544fb6b.jpg
Img via
I meant to update yesterday with a blog post about my first stop. I started writing it and found myself going off to run a few errands. Suddenly it was already dinner time with my childhood friend Alex. A quick catch up is never the case with us. We're forever talking about anything and everything. By the time I wanted to finish up the post, I fell asleep to watching Pretty Little Liars


I have something to tell you

Wearing: YesStyle dress

I can't believe the last time I blogged was in April-it sure has been a while. I guess you could say I was having writer's block. I started feeling uninspired and had no motivation to write. At that point, I was deciding if I wanted to take courses during the summer or do something spontaneous. I'm usually not the spontaneous one but the one who will go along with plans if someone suggests something. Most of the time, that one person is my bestie Tonh and this time around she told me to go to Berlin. (She's a California bohemian who currently resides in Berlin.)

What the heck.

Who does that?

Certainly not me. We both kept toying with the idea but never came up with solid plans. It was an idea we flirted around with because she was leaving California soon. Finally I came home to visit my parents and discussed it with my dad. The conversation went along the lines of:

Me: "Should I save money and finish up my classes? Or should I be completely broke and travel the world?"

Dad: "That's easy. Be broke and travel the world."

Spring fling party

If you're in the city and need a good pick me up or feel like mingling, be sure to stop by Top Coat's Spring Fling Party tonight from 6-9 PM. The event is co-hosted by a few lovely blogger friends, Inspirafashion and The Fancy Pants. There's going to be a DIY floral crown bar, touch ups and so much more.

Prima donna girl

Prima Donna Girl
Prima Donna Girl
Prima Donna Girl
Hi guys! Wow, it's been a month since I've last posted. March was a little crazy with two exams with my birthday throw into the mix. I definitely need to be better about organizing my blog schedule. I started off with a planner and then switched over to my iPhone. I'm still deciding on which I prefer.

Remember the detail shot of these awesome shoes? Here's the full post!

Warby Parker's spectrum sun collection

warby parker, sunglasses, spring collection, spectrum, arainymelody, fashion blogger
warby parker, sunglasses, spring collection, spectrum, arainymelody, fashion blogger
I'm happy to say I've been a fan of Warby Parker since I discovered the company a few years ago. What initially caught my interest is their amazing company value of giving back to the community. Their motto is "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair." So how can I not share Warby Parker's latest Spectrum Sun collection? There are 9 new styles featuring three new exclusive rich colors. I love how there's the classic shapes with versatile colors for those who wish to have that essential pair for daily wear. Then there are more colorful options which I find are perfect for the new season. Let's be real though: I'd probably still wear the cherry blossom color sunnies every day anyway.

With my birthday right around the corner, I believe one these will go right on my wish list or well, my shopping cart.

To see the rest of the collection:

march drugstore favorites

Beauty Lab: March Favorites

I'm excited to share this month's drugstore favorites. I managed to squeeze in some time to make a Polyvore set of my finds. I love high-end cosmetics (who doesn't?!) but when you're balling on a budget, you find what works best for you. In my case, I love experimenting with amazing dupes. 

Click to below for more details and thoughts.

old flavors

Old Flavors, outfit, fashion, style blogger, fashion blogger, san francisco
Tracks1 photo IMG_8091_zpseb7d2ffe.jpg

You're probably scrolling through my blog thinking, "What the heck? Her hair is long then short and now long again!?" No, it's not extensions. I have a few more outfit posts that I forgot to post up before I cut my hair...which is another story I will tell when I get the chance. It was crazy!

for the jewelry lovers

Katie Dean Event, jewelry, san francisco, blogger, belljar, apparel
Katie Dean Event, jewelry, san francisco, blogger, belljar, apparel
I totally wish I could go to this but since I can't, you should go! I love the look book that's posted on the website. It looks festive and absolutely perfect for the warmer weathers. Can I please just borrow that cute floral headband?

long walks

loeffer randall, octavia, chanel, converse, shoes, shoes of the day
How awesome are these kicks? While I'm a shoe girl through and through, I'm immediately drawn to platform heels or ankle boots. Those types of shoes are fun to wear but not ideal to walk in for long periods of least where San Francisco hills are concerned. I'm gravitating towards shoes that are more flat (gasp). I love these because they remind me of Converse meets Chanel-both a little old school and classic.

I promise to update the blog with some past events I've attended. I've got two major tests coming up. Let's hope my sanity is still here by Friday!

Shoes// Loeffler Randall 'Octavia' in Sand

neoprene love

Addicted To: Neoprene

Addicted To: Neoprene by arainymelody featuring heeled sandals

Guess what? I'm back on Polyvore! I forgot how addicting it can be to make collages. Once you start, you just keep wanting to make more. I thought this would be a great way to share where I got my items and how I style an outfit.

Anyway, I'm glad it's Friday. I'm off to an event hosted by Clarins at Bloomingdales. Stay tuned on my Instagram and Twitter for updates.

A magical adventure

A Magical Adventure, Disneyland, Dapper Day, fashion, ootd
A Magical Adventure, Disneyland, Dapper Day, fashion, ootd
Just a week ago something extraordinary happened. Well, maybe not that extraordinary but for my friends it was. My good friend Kat talked me into going on a road trip to Southern California. Why? To go to Disneyland for their unofficial Dapper Day. My first reaction was, "I can't! I've got a ton of things to do!" It's always the case with me except Kat knows this already. Somehow she managed to talk me into that 7 hour drive and in turn I fast talked friends into coming with me. Suddenly we were on the road, coasting down the grape vine.

Every time I go to Disneyland, I can always feel some kind of magical happiness creeping over me. I end up walking around with a silly smile pasted on my face.  Then coolest thing ever happened: our picture was featured on the Disneyland Today Facebook and Twitter page.

Make believe

Make Believe Make Believe
Make Believe
I love mixing high and low pieces. There's just something fun about seeing what I can come up with on a budget. It's not about how much things cost or wearing something crazy branded but is it comfortable? And most importantly, will I wear it again? Before I make a purchase, I think about how many different ways I can wear it and if it's a transitional piece. A lot of things I have in my closet are constantly being rotated so you'll see me wearing this skirt again soon. (Forever 21, 12 bucks!)

My two favorite style icons who mix and match effortlessly are Olivia Palermo and Hanh from Life in Travel. Take a peep for amazing inspiration!

cheat sheet

Chipped nail polish used to bother me. I don't know when it changed but now I see it as a way to get creative. I either use a printed nail wrap instead of re-painting it to add some fun to my solid color manicure or I'll find a glittery color and paint it on top. This week I'm using my favorite Lancome color, Violette Coquette. My nails were starting to grow out and instead of finding a new color, I decided to test out Ciate's Wrap Star that my best friend gave me. It filled in the empty spots perfectly. Voila-new manicure!

Lancome, Ciate, beauty, Mani Monday, nail polish, beauty blogger, purple

Ciate// Wrap Star (similar

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dancing alone

Dancing Alone Dancing Alone
 photo IMG_8388_zps31c44ff9.jpg
Dancing Alone
At 2 PM today, I decided to drink a cup of black coffee. I thought it'd help me concentrate on doing some work but instead I got too excited about tonight's event. I decided to pour the energy into blogging instead. If you don't already know, I love crew neck sweaters and you'll probably see me in them frequently. My look is usually pretty simple and easy to throw on. I bought this amazing sweater and didn't want to wear it with just jeans. FYI, it's from Forever 21. No one could believe it and quite frankly, I was surprised myself when I found it online. The gold hearts are stitched on so it looks well made. I couldn't figure out what to wear it with until I came across this bright blue neoprene skirt. Both go so well together!

come one, come all

O is for Obey, A is for Azalea
I've been MIA because I decided to go on a spontaneous road trip to Southern California this past weekend. My friend Kat is insanely good at persuading me to do things and well, I ended up in Anaheim and Santa Monica for the weekend. I decided not to bring my laptop (which is SO hard, am I right!?) and tried to stay off my phone when I was hanging out with friends. If I was on my phone, it was mostly to take pictures. I can't wait to update the blog so if there's two posts per day, don't be too surprised.

Also, I'm going to try to attend this event because I love Obey Clothing and Azalea is super cool. The boutique carries awesome brands and I'm excited to see what's there tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

Stay updated with me on Instagram and Twitter. X

all that glitters

Julep Zelda + Revlon Marchesa
Hi everyone! I'm trying to stay on schedule here with Mani Monday and my crazed studying schedule. One more test this Wednesday and I can finally play blog catch up. I want to check out what's been going on with NYFW too. All my updates have been from my Instagram.

I'm currently using Julep's Zelda along with Revlon's Marchesa nail wraps. I was going through my nail polishes and realized I had extra nail wraps left over so I thought, why not mix and match? The metallic look turned out super cute!

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