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Dancing Alone Dancing Alone
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Dancing Alone
At 2 PM today, I decided to drink a cup of black coffee. I thought it'd help me concentrate on doing some work but instead I got too excited about tonight's event. I decided to pour the energy into blogging instead. If you don't already know, I love crew neck sweaters and you'll probably see me in them frequently. My look is usually pretty simple and easy to throw on. I bought this amazing sweater and didn't want to wear it with just jeans. FYI, it's from Forever 21. No one could believe it and quite frankly, I was surprised myself when I found it online. The gold hearts are stitched on so it looks well made. I couldn't figure out what to wear it with until I came across this bright blue neoprene skirt. Both go so well together!

come one, come all

O is for Obey, A is for Azalea
I've been MIA because I decided to go on a spontaneous road trip to Southern California this past weekend. My friend Kat is insanely good at persuading me to do things and well, I ended up in Anaheim and Santa Monica for the weekend. I decided not to bring my laptop (which is SO hard, am I right!?) and tried to stay off my phone when I was hanging out with friends. If I was on my phone, it was mostly to take pictures. I can't wait to update the blog so if there's two posts per day, don't be too surprised.

Also, I'm going to try to attend this event because I love Obey Clothing and Azalea is super cool. The boutique carries awesome brands and I'm excited to see what's there tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

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all that glitters

Julep Zelda + Revlon Marchesa
Hi everyone! I'm trying to stay on schedule here with Mani Monday and my crazed studying schedule. One more test this Wednesday and I can finally play blog catch up. I want to check out what's been going on with NYFW too. All my updates have been from my Instagram.

I'm currently using Julep's Zelda along with Revlon's Marchesa nail wraps. I was going through my nail polishes and realized I had extra nail wraps left over so I thought, why not mix and match? The metallic look turned out super cute!

At ease

One of my early memories of being introduced to fashion is when I was growing up in New York City and my mom took me to GAP. I remember trailing after her and running my hands through all the denim on hangers. The store was HUGE...okay, I was a short and tiny kid at the time. You're probably thinking, "Oh, big deal. It's just GAP!" For me, it was and is a big deal. GAP is a brand of clothing that I find myself always coming back to. It's where I buy versatile pieces that I find myself reaching for over and over again. Plus when there are sales (I'm talking about those extra 50% off sales), everything is such a steal. I find myself at the register wanting to put things back and that feeling disappears when the sales associate tells me, "You're getting a great deal! This is $3." Well then, what's one more t-shirt?

M Dot Design studio pop up event

Svelte Metals
M Dot Candles
Yay! How's this for consistency? I'm sneaking away time from the books to post this. The event was a pop up boutique that showcased pretty designs and jewelry. I went to support Kathleen from Inspirafashion-it had been way too long since the last time we saw each other! She was co-hosting the event with Kate from The Fancy Pants Report. I also ran into fellow UCD Aggie, Jenn of ClothesEncounters. I've never been to the W San Francisco and the environment inside was just so swanky. I would definitely go there again to hang out and catch up with friends.

Mani monday with Sally Hansen

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Happy Monday! Or as happy as it can be anyway until Friday, right? In celebration of Lunar New Year's, I decided to paint my nails red which is a big deal for me. I always feel like I can never find the right red shade. There's warm reds, cool reds, orange reds...the list goes on and makes my brain spin. I was at CVS when I came across Sally Hansen's #360 Diamond and Rubies shade. It's such a gorgeous red and I managed to talk myself into buying it. While I don't think it's quite "diamond" strength, it was easy to apply and it was cheap!

This weekend was pretty crazy with a ton of things going on. There was my grandma's birthday dinner, a pop-up shop event at W San Francisco and Lunar New Year's all weekend long. My grandma's birthday was very sweet and intimate. She made long noodles for all her grandchildren to live a long life! As for pop-up shop event, I'll post a recap of that hopefully tomorrow. I've got two exams coming up so I'm studying (attempting to anyway) non-stop. Wish me LOTS of luck!
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