Warby Parker's spectrum sun collection

warby parker, sunglasses, spring collection, spectrum, arainymelody, fashion blogger
warby parker, sunglasses, spring collection, spectrum, arainymelody, fashion blogger
I'm happy to say I've been a fan of Warby Parker since I discovered the company a few years ago. What initially caught my interest is their amazing company value of giving back to the community. Their motto is "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair." So how can I not share Warby Parker's latest Spectrum Sun collection? There are 9 new styles featuring three new exclusive rich colors. I love how there's the classic shapes with versatile colors for those who wish to have that essential pair for daily wear. Then there are more colorful options which I find are perfect for the new season. Let's be real though: I'd probably still wear the cherry blossom color sunnies every day anyway.

With my birthday right around the corner, I believe one these will go right on my wish list or well, my shopping cart.

To see the rest of the collection:

march drugstore favorites

Beauty Lab: March Favorites

I'm excited to share this month's drugstore favorites. I managed to squeeze in some time to make a Polyvore set of my finds. I love high-end cosmetics (who doesn't?!) but when you're balling on a budget, you find what works best for you. In my case, I love experimenting with amazing dupes. 

Click to below for more details and thoughts.

old flavors

Old Flavors, outfit, fashion, style blogger, fashion blogger, san francisco
Tracks1 photo IMG_8091_zpseb7d2ffe.jpg

You're probably scrolling through my blog thinking, "What the heck? Her hair is long then short and now long again!?" No, it's not extensions. I have a few more outfit posts that I forgot to post up before I cut my hair...which is another story I will tell when I get the chance. It was crazy!

for the jewelry lovers

Katie Dean Event, jewelry, san francisco, blogger, belljar, apparel
Katie Dean Event, jewelry, san francisco, blogger, belljar, apparel
I totally wish I could go to this but since I can't, you should go! I love the look book that's posted on the website. It looks festive and absolutely perfect for the warmer weathers. Can I please just borrow that cute floral headband?

long walks

loeffer randall, octavia, chanel, converse, shoes, shoes of the day
How awesome are these kicks? While I'm a shoe girl through and through, I'm immediately drawn to platform heels or ankle boots. Those types of shoes are fun to wear but not ideal to walk in for long periods of time...at least where San Francisco hills are concerned. I'm gravitating towards shoes that are more flat (gasp). I love these because they remind me of Converse meets Chanel-both a little old school and classic.

I promise to update the blog with some past events I've attended. I've got two major tests coming up. Let's hope my sanity is still here by Friday!

Shoes// Loeffler Randall 'Octavia' in Sand

neoprene love

Addicted To: Neoprene

Addicted To: Neoprene by arainymelody featuring heeled sandals

Guess what? I'm back on Polyvore! I forgot how addicting it can be to make collages. Once you start, you just keep wanting to make more. I thought this would be a great way to share where I got my items and how I style an outfit.

Anyway, I'm glad it's Friday. I'm off to an event hosted by Clarins at Bloomingdales. Stay tuned on my Instagram and Twitter for updates.

A magical adventure

A Magical Adventure, Disneyland, Dapper Day, fashion, ootd
A Magical Adventure, Disneyland, Dapper Day, fashion, ootd
Just a week ago something extraordinary happened. Well, maybe not that extraordinary but for my friends it was. My good friend Kat talked me into going on a road trip to Southern California. Why? To go to Disneyland for their unofficial Dapper Day. My first reaction was, "I can't! I've got a ton of things to do!" It's always the case with me except Kat knows this already. Somehow she managed to talk me into that 7 hour drive and in turn I fast talked friends into coming with me. Suddenly we were on the road, coasting down the grape vine.

Every time I go to Disneyland, I can always feel some kind of magical happiness creeping over me. I end up walking around with a silly smile pasted on my face.  Then coolest thing ever happened: our picture was featured on the Disneyland Today Facebook and Twitter page.

Make believe

Make Believe Make Believe
Make Believe
I love mixing high and low pieces. There's just something fun about seeing what I can come up with on a budget. It's not about how much things cost or wearing something crazy branded but is it comfortable? And most importantly, will I wear it again? Before I make a purchase, I think about how many different ways I can wear it and if it's a transitional piece. A lot of things I have in my closet are constantly being rotated so you'll see me wearing this skirt again soon. (Forever 21, 12 bucks!)

My two favorite style icons who mix and match effortlessly are Olivia Palermo and Hanh from Life in Travel. Take a peep for amazing inspiration!

cheat sheet

Chipped nail polish used to bother me. I don't know when it changed but now I see it as a way to get creative. I either use a printed nail wrap instead of re-painting it to add some fun to my solid color manicure or I'll find a glittery color and paint it on top. This week I'm using my favorite Lancome color, Violette Coquette. My nails were starting to grow out and instead of finding a new color, I decided to test out Ciate's Wrap Star that my best friend gave me. It filled in the empty spots perfectly. Voila-new manicure!

Lancome, Ciate, beauty, Mani Monday, nail polish, beauty blogger, purple

Ciate// Wrap Star (similar

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