When life gives you lemons

You already know the saying, "...make lemonade!" It's supposed to encourage optimism and give you that extra kick in the you-know-where when you need it. Still, I never really think of my problems as lemons. I came across this adorable print that puts how I feel into words perfectly. I'm simply hoping to sail my ship a little faster and with a smile.

Quote - Typography
*Image via Etsy

With that said, seize the weekend and enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, I have to study for two midterms and pine for the outside. I kid. I'm going to take a few breaks and there so my brain doesn't turn into mush!

The fast life

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(Dress - HM | Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell from Free People

I can feel myself slipping into another period of closet purging. I once lived out of a suitcase and now I love the idea. Note that I said "idea" since I'm not sure it can ever really happen because of all my shoes. I would need one of those storage spaces for this to work. Sigh. With that said, if you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I'm finally Team iPhone. This also means I can start my Poshmark closet! Poshmark is this awesome site that lets you sell your things that you love but don't wear anymore. I was lucky enough to visit their head quarters in Palo Alto a while back and it was super fun. I wish I had taken more pictures though since their office rooms are decorated after a designer. It was so clever and cute. :) Thanks Margareth and the rest of the Poshmark girls!

Instagram catch-up

I had good intentions of blogging over the weekend. Really, I did! Except, of course, life got in the way and now I'm catching up on all sorts of school work. Please fast forward to the weekend.

(L-R) 1. My go-to camera when I'm using a small bag. / 2. Would you believe I bought this dress for $7? I did. / 3. Went hiking with my friend, Karice. / 4. Blueberry donuts are the best thing ever. EVER. / 5. Milk braid hair style. / 6. Bebe jeans and Balenciaga inspired boots. / 7. It's becoming sweater weather. / 8. Words of Wisdom. / 9. Himawari for that late night ramen snack.

Sweater weather

(Sweater - ASOS | Jeans - Bebe | Shoes - Balenciaga Inspired | Necklace - Nordstorm)

It seems like weather on the peninsula can't make up it's mind. One day it's raining and another day it's shining. I can feel autumn creeping in though. It's why I threw on this sweater before class. I felt compelled to buy it for so many reasons but the main one being 1988 is the best year ever! Feel free to disagree ;)
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