Extra coordinated

While the title of this post says "Extra Coordinated," I can assure you that I mean my outfit and that's it. I'm pretty clumsy otherwise. Even my special cutie guest, Chip, can tell you this. It's quite a wonder how I'm able to wear heels and not fall flat on my face. (Oh, but it has happened. ONCE. In Brooklyn.)


My amazon collections + last minute sales

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Amazon makes it easy to do online shopping. Still, it's a lot to sift through unless you know exactly what you want. I've partnered with them to create my own collections to share with you all. I think of it as more of a helpful shopping guide if you need ideas or inspiration on what to buy. Of course I had to make a list of cool gadgets for us tech savvy girls. Check it out and start your own collections.

Also, it's the last few days of Cyber Monday Week. I just have to share two last minute sales they're my favorite stores:
Net-A-Porter// I love Net-A-Porter. LOVE IT. It's a nice place to window shop and lust after things. Lots of their goodies are way out of my budget range, which is good or else I'd be eating Top Ramen every day for the next year. The only time I can actually buy something is during their awesome bi-annual sale. It's when I can think about one particular item I'm willing to splurge on during the season. Things are going at 50% off and who can say no to free shipping?

Topshop// There was a 30% off sale going on for Black Friday/Cyber Monday BUT Topshop doesn't disappoint! There's a 20% off shoes, boots and bags happening right now. Someone please take advantage of this and let me live vicariously through you.

With that said, happy weekend! I'll be studying all day tomorrow and trying to keep warm.

One step at a time

Some things are truly worth the wait. In my case, it's always shoes I covet. When I see a pair of shoes I love, it stays with me...like these gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti nude booties. It's probably been a few years since I've set my eyes on these beauties and I knew I had to get them as soon as they were marked down to a price I could afford. They now sit proudly on my book shoe shelf.

Anyway, a lot has been going on in my life and I'm finally getting a chance to sit down to blog all about it. First it was midterms and projects and then I was sick with what felt like the plague for the past week and a half. As soon as it begins to calm down, I'm looking at another midterm this Thursday. It's already 1:30 AM which means bed time! I can't wait to post the rest of the outfit later today. A little somebody makes another special appearance!

When life gives you lemons

You already know the saying, "...make lemonade!" It's supposed to encourage optimism and give you that extra kick in the you-know-where when you need it. Still, I never really think of my problems as lemons. I came across this adorable print that puts how I feel into words perfectly. I'm simply hoping to sail my ship a little faster and with a smile.

Quote - Typography
*Image via Etsy

With that said, seize the weekend and enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, I have to study for two midterms and pine for the outside. I kid. I'm going to take a few breaks and there so my brain doesn't turn into mush!

The fast life

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(Dress - HM | Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell from Free People

I can feel myself slipping into another period of closet purging. I once lived out of a suitcase and now I love the idea. Note that I said "idea" since I'm not sure it can ever really happen because of all my shoes. I would need one of those storage spaces for this to work. Sigh. With that said, if you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I'm finally Team iPhone. This also means I can start my Poshmark closet! Poshmark is this awesome site that lets you sell your things that you love but don't wear anymore. I was lucky enough to visit their head quarters in Palo Alto a while back and it was super fun. I wish I had taken more pictures though since their office rooms are decorated after a designer. It was so clever and cute. :) Thanks Margareth and the rest of the Poshmark girls!

Instagram catch-up

I had good intentions of blogging over the weekend. Really, I did! Except, of course, life got in the way and now I'm catching up on all sorts of school work. Please fast forward to the weekend.

(L-R) 1. My go-to camera when I'm using a small bag. / 2. Would you believe I bought this dress for $7? I did. / 3. Went hiking with my friend, Karice. / 4. Blueberry donuts are the best thing ever. EVER. / 5. Milk braid hair style. / 6. Bebe jeans and Balenciaga inspired boots. / 7. It's becoming sweater weather. / 8. Words of Wisdom. / 9. Himawari for that late night ramen snack.

Sweater weather

(Sweater - ASOS | Jeans - Bebe | Shoes - Balenciaga Inspired | Necklace - Nordstorm)

It seems like weather on the peninsula can't make up it's mind. One day it's raining and another day it's shining. I can feel autumn creeping in though. It's why I threw on this sweater before class. I felt compelled to buy it for so many reasons but the main one being 1988 is the best year ever! Feel free to disagree ;)

Heart on my sleeve

(Top - T.J. Maxx | Shorts - American Eagle | Boots - Zara |Sunnies - House of Harlow 1960)

I know what you're thinking: "Omg! Cuuuuuuute dog! Is it yours!?" I sure wish he was. He's the sweetest (and mischievous) dog ever. Meet Chip, my friend who I got on occasional walks with. I took him running this morning and decided he'd be super fun to take pictures with later. Except I think he was more excited about being outside again than being photographed. 

As for my outfit, I haven't been to T.J. Maxx in forever! I went to return a sifter (long story about failed macarons) and I forgot how much good stuff they have especially when it's on clearance. I picked up this sheer heart printed shirt for $13 bucks! I have a feeling this is going to be rotated a lot in the next few weeks. Don't be surprised if you see it again so soon! I picked up a couple of other pieces as well. Maybe I'll make a haul video...hm. Maybe. 

Yay, it's almost the weekend! Catch me on Instagram and Twitter :] 


Drawing - HeelsReiss - Josh - Eugenie
Reiss - Semra - Maya
(Josh Shirt | Eugenie Dress | Semra Dress | Maya Jacket)

It's two more days until my birthday. Two! Normally I'd be ecstatic about this but I feel like I'm 24 turning 30. I keep thinking about where I see myself in the next few years and I think the fact that I'm not sure is what is keeping me up at night. When in muddled thoughts, I say go window shopping. I discovered Reiss when I was living in New York and went shopping with my fashionable mentor, Dream Sequins. (Check out her blog if you're dying for awesome designer profiles and shoes.) I recall stepping in and thinking, "Gawd, this store is beautiful." I couldn't buy anything at the time but I never forgot about it. I made a mental note that if I was ever searching for something special, I'd go here...and I did. Sort of. I went to the online store and ordered a pair of what I've been calling my birthday heels.

Since then, I've been on and off the site and discovered beautiful artwork by a guest illustrator named Alessia on the Reiss blog. I was curious to see more photos and went onto her blog, The Red Dot. I think it's so cool and inspiring because she's a scientist! Talk about science and art coming together. I'm a huge fan of the first picture of heels. It'd be perfect framed :)

Completely off topic...is anyone else addicted to Cadbury Mini Eggs? I just discovered them and now have a bag next to my table. I'm going to be sad when Easter is over and they're off shelves. I should stock up...

Happy First Week of Spring!
*Images via Reiss + The Red Dot

A new favorite

Olive Sherpa Oasap Jacket
Full Body - Olive Oasap Jacket
Black Sneaker Wedges - Dorothy Perkins
(Jacket c/o Oasap | T Shirt - Zara | Jeans - Levi's 535 | Shoes - Dorothy Perkins)

In January I made a quick trip to New York. Why did I leave good ol' California weather to be in the freakin' cold? I don't even know. I knew I made a big mistake when I finished packing and saw only half my suitcase was filled with clothes meant for warmer weather. You know, since tank tops and shorts don't take up that much room compared to bulky jackets. I never liked buying jackets because I always ended up wearing the same one which is my Aeropostale sherpa-lined parka. I went onto Oasap and knew I'd find something cute-this perfect olive green parka! It's really amazing and I love how the inside feels like a blanket. (Did you notice I like furry lined jackets? I do. I get cold super easy!) Immediately I placed an order and hoped it would come on time for New York.

It didn't. I sucked it up and wore my Aeropostale parka the entire time. The crazy thing is when I got back to SFO, I ended up losing that jacket. Oh well, now this new one has been my go-to!

Excuse the mess

Outfit - Abitrage, Super Dry, Levis, YesWalker Shoes - Boots - YesWalker
(Long Sleeve - Abitrage | T Shirt - Super Dry | Boots c/o YesWalker. Read my product review here.)

It's getting to be late March and I'm glad I didn't make any New Year's resolutions to blog every day. I've been on the fence about giving my blog a new look and decided to finally go through with it. The layout is perfect and exactly what I was looking for: minimal and organized. On that note, I'm going to try to stay on a schedule when it comes to blogging. I should come up with a calendar or designate a specific time to this. I miss blogging and it shouldn't be this hard. I'm starting fresh, beginning with this first blog entry. Also another thing I wanted to work on is creating new videos...so I deleted my old account and here's my new YouTube channel. I'm going to get over being awkward and like Nike, just do it.

The amazing Stella from YesStyle recently introduced me their new sister site, YesWalker. Have you ever been on YesStyle? I find myself spending hours looking at what I'd like to buy. You know the drill, browse and save in cart. The site can be a lot to go through and that's why I enjoy their new site. It's not overwhelming at all and filled with shoes. If you don't know me, know that I love shoes. I was sent the buckled cognac boot that I paired easily with t-shirt and jeans. (Both shirts are actually men's which is why knotted the button-up so it was less baggy.) It was hard to pick one pair and I settled for these because of the platform and chunky heel. People say, "Beauty is pain" but in this case, my feet seem to disagree and prefer comfort.

I forgot to mention the best part-it's buy one, get one free and free shipping! Seriously, take advantage of all the cute oxfords for the Spring time.

Ps. for more frequent updates, follow me on Instagram and leave your user handle in the comment box below. I'd love to take a look. :) Hope everyone has an epic rest of the weekend.
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