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Outfit - Abitrage, Super Dry, Levis, YesWalker Shoes - Boots - YesWalker
(Long Sleeve - Abitrage | T Shirt - Super Dry | Boots c/o YesWalker. Read my product review here.)

It's getting to be late March and I'm glad I didn't make any New Year's resolutions to blog every day. I've been on the fence about giving my blog a new look and decided to finally go through with it. The layout is perfect and exactly what I was looking for: minimal and organized. On that note, I'm going to try to stay on a schedule when it comes to blogging. I should come up with a calendar or designate a specific time to this. I miss blogging and it shouldn't be this hard. I'm starting fresh, beginning with this first blog entry. Also another thing I wanted to work on is creating new videos...so I deleted my old account and here's my new YouTube channel. I'm going to get over being awkward and like Nike, just do it.

The amazing Stella from YesStyle recently introduced me their new sister site, YesWalker. Have you ever been on YesStyle? I find myself spending hours looking at what I'd like to buy. You know the drill, browse and save in cart. The site can be a lot to go through and that's why I enjoy their new site. It's not overwhelming at all and filled with shoes. If you don't know me, know that I love shoes. I was sent the buckled cognac boot that I paired easily with t-shirt and jeans. (Both shirts are actually men's which is why knotted the button-up so it was less baggy.) It was hard to pick one pair and I settled for these because of the platform and chunky heel. People say, "Beauty is pain" but in this case, my feet seem to disagree and prefer comfort.

I forgot to mention the best part-it's buy one, get one free and free shipping! Seriously, take advantage of all the cute oxfords for the Spring time.

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