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Wearing: YesStyle dress, GAP jacket, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, Forever 21 rings

Before heading to Berlin, I decided I'd make a stop at Miami to see my friend Liane. We've known each other since we were old enough to sign up for an e-mail account during the 56k dial-up days. So yes, we met on the Internet on a Sailormoon forum board and I'm pretty much going to leave it at that. The last time I visited her (two years ago?), she took me snorkeling at Key Largo. It was my first time and I just fell in love with the warm Atlantic ocean.

She asked me how I felt about kayaking this time around and again, it'd be my first time trying something new in the water. I was kind of nervous about it because I kept thinking of whitewater rafting and flying off. I know, I know. The two are completely different but still! The night before, I went on Youtube to watch videos of how to get into a kayak.


When we got there, it turned out to be much less terrifying than I had anticipated and incredibly fun. I enjoyed the breathtaking scenery and good company. Plus it was a great arm work out. I didn't want our precious few hours to end.

The day was perfect. 
*I only took one photo of kayaking and you can find it on my Instagram. These photos were taken before my trip but I still wanted to share them.

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  1. my sister really wants to try kayaking. i would TOTALLY watch videos about it too to prep myself. i ought to try it this year. :D


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